Review Policy

I accept e- and print- ARC, galleys and books for review. If you have something you would like to arrange for a review email me a personalized pitch 🙂 My email:

Things to keep in mind/know:

• I respond to every request, regardless if i’m interested in working with you.

• For e-books I use Ibooks or the kindle app, I prefer Ibooks over kindle but either is fine.

• All reviews will be posted on here as well as goodreads and amazon.

• I’m scheduling a few months in advance for reviews. But if you need it sooner then what I have in mind we can work something out and work together.

Most of the books I review are boughten by myself or friends and family. If I receive a book from an author or publicist etc I will state that in the beginning of the review.

My reviews are my honest opinion, if i dislike a book I will still review it. I will always be honest but if i didn’t like it, I’m not going to be rude or disrespectful to the book or author in anyway.

My reviews consist of a cover photo, title, author, synopsis, rate and my thoughts.