Meet the Sky by McCall Hoyle Press Release

A huge thank you to Blink YA for sending me an amazing finished copy! I’m hoping to start it this week! It sounds so good if you’ve read it or plan on reading it once it’s released let me know what you think.

Award-winning author and high school teacher English teacher McCall Hoyle (The Thing with Feathers) strives to write hopeful and authentic young adult novels about friendship, first love, and girls finding the strength to overcome great challenges. she knows firsthand what its like to face tragedy. years ago, her father passed away unexpectedly, and she was devastated by her grief. But it was recalling this very pain that inspired her to write her powerful and poignant second novel; Meet the Sky (Blink/HarperCollins; hardcover; $17.99; publication date September 4, 2018).

When one of North Carolina’s infamous, hurricanes heads straight for Outer Banks and prompts a mandatory evacuation, Sophie March knows exactly what to do. Ever since her father walked out on their family after the terrible car accident that rendered her sister brain-damaged, Sophie has taken on the role of protector. She’s all about keeping everything under control: managing her family’s business, saving money for college someday, and making sure her mom and sister don’t endure any more tragedies. And there’s no room for distractions. But all her well-laid plans are ruined when she’s separated from her family and ends up stranded in the middle of the storm with Finn, the boy who broke her heart freshman year. She has to face the fact that nature is one thing that she can’t control.

Finn is carefree and seems unafraid, but he too seems to hold some kind of pain close to his heart. In between dodging flying tree limbs and helping wild horses caught in fences on the dunes, Sophie and Finn hide in the closets of abandoned houses in hopes of waiting out the terrors of the hurricane. As their bond strengthens, they tell each other their deepest secrets in the dark. What Sophie discovers is that there’s much more to Finn than the bravado that he projects– and that they may have more in common than she ever could have imagined.

Layered with vivid descriptions of a deadly and beautiful storm that could only come from a skilled writer who has experienced one herself, Meet the Sky is a gorgeously fashioned story of courage, resilience, and hope against all odds.


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