A Touch of Gold By Annie Sullivan Press Release

I’m a little late on getting the press release up, but a huge thank you to Megan Beatie and Blink YA books for sending me a finished copy. I can’t wait to read it!

Inspired by the cautionary fable about King Midas and his greed for wealth, A Touch of Gold (blink/harper collins; publication date August 14, 2018) by Annie Sullivan is the untold story of the avaricious kind’s daughter, Kora. Fans of Danielle Paige’s Stealing Snow and Renée Adhieh The Wrath and the Dawn will devour this gorgeous and twisty reimagining of what happens next in the classic fairy tale.

Kora’s charmed life as a beautiful young princess was shattered when her father, King Midas, made a dark deal with a chaotic god that resulted in him turning his beloved daughter into solid gold at his touch. Although he was able to save her by making another dangerous bargain, she was cursed with golden skin forever A decade later, the kind is poised to marry her off, but every suitor is shocked and horrified by how she looks. And they don’t know her secret; she can sense and manipulate gold in deadly ways. So Kora vows to keep herself from the precious metal at all costs– even if that dooms her to a life of solitude.

When a handsome young duke arrives at the palace and isn’t repulsed by Kora’s skin, she wonders if love is attainable for her after all. But when the cursed gold that keeps her father alive is stolen from the palace, to save him Kora must reveal her powers and set sail on a dangerous voyage to find and return with the treasures. Accompanied by the charming duke, her sarcastic cousin Hettie, and a brooding uncooperative young captain, Kora battles evil pirates and deceptive sirens on a high sea adventure full of surprises and betrayals.

Annie Sullivan’s Upcoming Events! 

Saturday, August 25, 2018, @12:00 pm 
Barnes & Noble
17090 Mercantile Blvd.
Noblesville, IN 46060

Saturday. September 8, 2018, @1:00 pm
Second Flight Books
2200 Elmwood Avenue Suite D7
Lafayette, IN 47904

Friday, Septemeber 14, 2018, @6:30 pm
Butler University MFA Signing
Signing, reading, Q&A
Location TBD

Saturday, September 22, 2018, @3:00 pm
Butler Bridge Program Singing
Reading, Signing, etc
Location TBD



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