A Post For Dad

If you follow me on instagram you know that my dad’s health took a turn for the worst about 6-8 months ago. Towards the end of May things took even more of a turn and he was a ticking time bomb, it was a matter of when not if the inventible happened. I was on a plane June 1, and on June 3 he passed away.

As you can imagine that’s why I took a step back from everything, from blogging, from reviewing, reading, writing, booktube and bookstagram. I am slowly trying to come back because I have missed the community, i have missed doing what I love.

A lot of people have asked to read the obituary and the eulogy I wrote. So today I will give you the obituary. It took a lot of drafts to get it right, and when the time came for me to read it, I had to have a close family friend read it for me.

My Eulogy:

We shouldn’t have to be gathered here today, I shouldn’t have lost my dad at 17. He should have had more time. When he was diagnosed as Terminally Ill, he didn’t treat it like he was a ticking time bomb. We all knew it was a matter of time before that bomb exploded, he didn’t let it stop him. He was still himself as much as possible, he was cracking jokes till the end. I still can’t believe he’s gone, even though I was holding his hand when he passed I still don’t believe he’s gone sometimes.

There are so many things I wish he would have gotten to see, I wish he could have seen my hit a target for the first time with a iron sight, I wish he had seen me shoot a 12 gauge shot gun, or me shoot a 30/30, which I did both of these after he’d passed. I wish he could see me graduate next year, or get to read my first published book when I get published. No matter when I publish I’m dedicating my first book to him. I had planned on making this a really well written thing like I did for his obituary but let’s face it I’m probably going to cry or am already crying. So I’m going to tell you two stories about a hobby we shared.

Most of you probably don’t know that he really liked old coins, when he was younger he saw this eagle head penny imbeded in a store staircase. He asked the owner if he could get it out, and he said as long as you don’t damage the stairs or anything to do with the store. My dad spent 3 hours getting it out, no matter what it came too he never gave up. It shows you that even at a young age, he was persistent and knew what he wanted when he did.

Another things he always did when the grain guys would come down from Canada with grain, he’d ask them to bring him the silver Canadian dollars. He’d always pay them more than what was needed, they would tell him that his money was worth more than theirs. He didn’t care. He just wanted the coins.

I will love and miss you dad forever. Thank you all who came to celebrate his life, once we finish eulogizing we’ll go ahead and open it up to the rest of you guys to tell your stories.


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