Should You Deface Books?

Wow, has it been a while since I’ve blogged! I’m sorry for the lack of posts this month, I’ve been so busy and just overall exhausted. Luckily it’s spring break and I’m off all week so I’ve been able to catch up on my sleep and stuff.

Today’s post is a little different than my usual posts, I’ve seen a lot of people who think that defacing book is bad but I’ve also seen people who love it. Personally I was really scared to do it at first, because I was worried that I would mess it up or not like how it comes out. I was also scared that it wouldn’t come out very well because in my opinion I’m not very artistic.

After watching lots of youtube videos, I decided I was gonna try it. If it came out bad, I would just buy a new copy of the book. I decided my first book I was going to try defacing was Geekerella by Ashley Poston, I’m honestly really happy with how it came out. I’m honestly really proud of it, I’ve defaced a bunch since then but you’ll have to wait until next Thursday to find out which ones and what they look like.

So onto the question of the post, should you deface books? I vote yes because it makes it more unique, and it makes it personal to you. If you had a giant group of the same book, you would be able to pick out yours because you defaced it and made it personal to you. You made it YOU. I vote go for it even if you’re scared, even if you don’t think you can completely deface it, then just paint the pages! Personalize your favorite books!


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