Review #2 of A Dress The Color of The Sky by Jennifer Irwin

Title: A Dress The Color of The Sky

Author: Jennifer Irwin

Synopsis: For too many years, Prudence Aldrich has been numbing the pain in her life with random sexual encounters. Her marriage to cold, self-centered Nick is, not surprisingly, on the rocks. But after several dangerous experiences with strangers, Prudence finally realizes that she needs therapy to stop her self-destructive behavior, and so she checks into the Serenity Hills rehab center.
Prudence blames herself for her irresponsible behavior and is filled with self-loathing. She’s convinced she’s totally at fault for Nick’s manipulative attitude and that, with therapy, she can return their relationship to its idyllic beginning. However, her therapist and the other members of her rehab group see the person behind the pain. As Prudence learns more about herself and the reasons for her behavior—including startling revelations about her childhood—she begins to understand the basis for her lack of sexual self-respect. She also learns that she’s not entirely to blame for the failure of her marriage. With the positive reinforcement from everyone at Serenity Hills, Prudence learns not to define herself by her past. But moving forward would mean letting go of Nick for good—and Prudence isn’t sure she can.

Rate: All the stars

My Thoughts: Some events in the book could be triggering for some people; references to sexual abuse and drug abuse. A captivating story about a woman who is a sex addict. We follow Prudence through her ups and downs of rehab, not only do we see her struggles during rehab but we get flashbacks of events that happened in her childhood that molded her to who she is now. This book had me crying time and time again, mind you this is my second time reading this book.

Most of the time when I read books with flashbacks, I am immediately deterred and don’t want to read the book because every book I’ve read with flashbacks is written horribly. I almost always get lost trying to follow along with the tense changes and to follow along with all the flashbacks. But ADTCOTS is different, her writing is so brilliant and unique that when reading the flashbacks, you don’t get lost (or at least I didn’t). They’re pretty much in chronological order, and when reading the novel, sometimes it didn’t even seem like there were flashbacks because they flowed with the story so nicely.

I love Jen’s writing so much, and if you’ve been on the fence about reading this book. Read it! You will not regret it!


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