Review of The Right Move by Amy Sparling

Title: The Right Move

Author: Amy Sparling

Synopsis: Four years ago, Olivia Westland dropped out of college to take care of her grandmother in the tiny town of Mable Falls. Now that Grandma has passed, she finds herself friendless, jobless, and with nowhere to go. An unlikely friend at her favorite bakery sets her up with a place to sleep for the night. Only it’s not just a bedroom in some random person’s house—it’s a room at Mason Sharp’s mansion. The guy is just as gorgeous as he is unavailable.
Mason is a broody loner who prefers a small-town life away from the gold-digging women of his past, but when his cousin asks him to take in a friend who has nowhere to go, he can’t tell her no. It was just a favor and he never thought he’d find himself falling for Olivia, with her sweet smile and kind eyes. He promises to let her stay as long as she needs to get back on her feet, but the promise he makes himself—to stay away from her—will be harder to keep.

Rate: 5/5

My thoughts: This is the second book of Amy’s that I have read and I loved it just as much as the first book I read last December. I’m one of Amy’s ARC readers so I was super excited when I got to read The Right Move, but I never post my reviews of a book until it’s been released, so here is this.

I loved every part of this story, I loved following Olivia (Livi) through the good and bad times. I had really wanted Mason and Livi to get together from the first time they met, but there were times where I thought Mason was a total jerk. But that’s what he put off, he wanted to be perceived as a total arrogant jerk.

After reading this, I actually went and bought like 2 box sets of Amy’s. Also if you go on amazon this week, you can the kindle book of her book Believe in Me for free! Download it!!!




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