Hey everyone I hope you’re having a great weekend!


I got my kindle this week, so I’m very much in love with that! A friend of mine threw me a birthday party last night so that was super fun. I love my friends so much!


I finished The Right Move by Amy Sparling this week! Expect a full review Wednesday, I’m also currently reading A Dress The Color of the Sky by Jennifer Irwin, No Filter by Orlagh Collins, and Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings.


I’m still listening to Beth Hart, I have a feeling y’all are gonna get sick of hearing about her!! There’s four “new” songs, that I heard from her live streams that I absolutely love. Mechanical Heart, St. Teresa, Caught out In the Rain, Love is A Lie. Go listen to them!!


I have stayed away from Netflix and Hulu this last week, but I have been watching Beth Hart’s live streams on Instagram. I also watched some of her interviews and her mini documentary on youtube.

Thinking about…

I’m officially starting my job at Starbucks on March 12! So I’m very excited for that but also really really nervous!


On Sunday, I’m getting coffee with Jennifer Irwin author of the award winning novel A Dress The Color of The Sky (which I’m rereading at the moment)  which I’m very excited for.


I really wanna start working at bux so I wish that my start date was already here!

Making me Happy…

Books, music, and Luna which is the usual haha. Oh and one of my coworkers is making me a cake for my birthday next week!!


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