January Event Wrap-Up

Hey everyone I know that usually I do trivia today but I’m just SO SO tired today! So I know I used to do posts about every event but I’ve decided that I’m going to just like a monthly wrap-up because of me having multiple events in the same week some weeks. Here’s the events I went to in January!!


This was such a FUN FUN day, I got to meet so many people that I have followed for so long! I met so many small businesses + I learned so much from the panels! I got to meet Tasha and Christine which was super fun!

I bought so many things from all of the shops!!! Some of the shops that were there were: Book Beau, In The Wick Of Time, Lexy Olivia, Chicklit Designs, Riddles Tea, and more! I


On January 24 I went to the Grove for the Zenith event! It was so much fun, I loved meeting both Sasha and Lindsay, they’re so so sweet. A lot of the times when I go to events the authors like don’t really wanna have a conversation, but they actually genuinely wanted to talk. I have a feeling if I had wanted to talk with them for an hour they would have sat with me and talked.

I’m about 10 or so chapters into Zenith and I love it! You should definitely pick it up! If you want to read it with a group this month my book club is reading it this month!!! (The Hidden book Club on facebook)


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