Small Spolier: Review of When Light Left Us by Leah Thomas

Title: When Light Left Us

Author: Leah Thomas

Synopsis: When the Vasquez siblings’ father left, it seemed nothing could remedy the absence in their lives . . . until a shimmering figure named Luz appeared in the canyon behind their house.
Luz filled the void. He shot hoops with seventeen-year-old Hank’s hands. He showed fourteen-year-old Ana cinematic beauty behind her eyelids. He spoke kindly to eight-year-old Milo. But then Luz left, too, and he took something from each of them. As a new school year begins, Ana, Hank, and Milo must carry on as if an alien presence never altered them. But how can they ever feel close to other people again when Luz changed everything about how they see the world and themselves?
In an imaginative and heartfelt exploration of human—and non-human—nature, Leah Thomas champions the unyielding bonds between family and true friends.

Rate: 4/5

My Thoughts: I honestly love everything by Leah Thomas! I was a little hesitant because I was kind of hoping that it would be written in the same format that Because You’ll Never Meet Me and Nowhere Near You but it wasn’t, I still really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed following everyone’s POV, especially Milo’s. Milo kind of made me think of myself as a kid, stubborn and wanting to do everything. Granted the majority of him wanting to do everything was because of Luz but he still reminded me of me.

It was amazing to see how the kids overcame things, overcame what happened with Luz, and to overcome there father leaving. Some of them did better than others.

One particular scene that broke my heart was when Milo was trick or treating and he saw his father. His father was supposed to have been back with his other kids, that he left for Milo’s mom. NEWS FLASH he isn’t, he’s like 25 minutes from his house.



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