Hey bibliophiles!! I hope your February is off to a great start!!! These past few days have been good, I’ve walked almost 30 miles in just these 3 days!!! Tell me what you’ve been up to these last few days!!


I’ve been doing A LOT of walking lately, I’ve been walking along the water at the beach. I’ve been really loving ending my days at the beach.


I’m reading The Great Gatsby for school. I’m still trying to finish Nothing Happened by Molly Booth, also going to start Zenith because my book club is reading it for this month.


I’ve been listening to 2 of my daily mixes on spotify a lot both of them heavy metal/alternative.


I’ve been binge watching Parenhood for the last week which is why no reading has been accomplished.

Thinking about…

I’m thinking about my two events this week, I have the Melissa Albert signing on Monday and then Neal Shusterman on Thursday.


Of course y’all know this is gonna be This Splinter Silence related, I’m much anticipating the cover and synopsis which will hopefully be happening soon? Also very much anticipating Ashley Poston’s new book Heart of Iron which comes out February 27!


Tbh I’m wishing for a copy of Save the Date and This Splintered Silence. Also wishing that I could just dedicate ALL of my time to reading so I could read all of my books I need to review in like 2 weeks?

Making me happy…

I’m really enjoying walking places, I’ve been walking about 8 miles a day except yesterday I walked 12! I found one of those free little librarys today and there were some good books in it! Tomorrow or the next day I’m gonna bring a couple books to it. You guys should look at the map and see if there’s any near you!!!! (here’s the link to the map)


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