Last Line and 116

Hey everyone so here’s one of the new things that I’ll be rolling out this week! I think I saw something similar to this on another blog but I’m not 100% sure if I did or where. Basically it’s pretty straight forward; I’ll post the last line from my current read (or if I’m reading an e-book, I’ll just pick a book), as well as a quote from page 116. If you’re wondering why page 116, I used a number generator.

I used the book Eliza and Her Monsters this week.

Last Line:

” I am Eliza Mirk, daughter and sister and friend. 

I am Eliza Mirk, mother of a fandom.

I am Eliza Mirk.”

Page 116:

“Oh, right. I forgot to tell you. They’re the other Angels. Sorry– I guess it wouldn’t be obvious that we’re friends in real life too.”



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