What we know…

Hello everyone as you all know I am completely in love with Kayla’s writing, you know how much I love The Sandcastle Empire. You probably can tell that I am almost as in love with This Splintered Silence even though we don’t know much about it. But if Kayla wrote it then I already know that I’m going to LOVE it.

Over the last month or so, she has slowly given us some information about her upcoming novel This Splintered Silence hits shelves November 13, 2018. If you get the paperback of The Sandcastle Empire out October 2, 2018, chapter 1 will be included. 🙂

This Splintered Silence is another stand a lone, completely separate from The Sandcastle Empire. It is another YA sci-fi/ survival thriller in a complete different setting than TSE. It features a tight-knit ensemble cast.

There are six characters in the ensemble Lindley, Leo, Heath, Haven, Zesi, and Natalin, but the story is told from one POV.

A couple fun facts that Kayla has told us; She actually came up with a list of 85+ names for this project. She had come up with the name Leo months before the film deal for The Sandcastle Empire (she’s been working on it since summer of 2015..)

Below is a quote she posted on Instagram back in the end of November beginning of December.

Eighty-five of us were left now there are eighty-four.

Maybe Dr. Safran was wrong, maybe the virus latched on to *all* of us– maybe it’s simply smothering the second generation more slowly.

or maybe it’s mutated.


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