Just a quick note, starting next week I’m going to be changing up my posting schedule. I have some new ideas that will be coming soon!


How much my blog has/is growing, it went from 100-150 views a few months ago to well over 200 views a month. I love making content for everyone and I’m so happy that it’s growing and doing well.


This is Not a Love Letter by Kim Purcell


Corpse Bride and a few episodes of The Fosters

Thinking about…

How many books I have to read + review in the next couple months. I’m scheduling into march already, wow! It’s the 4 of January and I’m already scheduling reviews into March!?


I’m really excited for Anna Todds new book Spring Girls and Marieke Nijamp’s new book Before I Let Go, both will be waiting for me when I get back home.

I am also applying for an internship so I’m hoping I get it. 🙂 More details on the internship to come!


That I was caught up on all reviews!

Making me happy…

The growth of this blog as well as the fact that I’m now getting emails with review requests. 🙂


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