I saw this on Kayla’s blog, I don’t remember how I ended up on her blog lol anyway I stole the idea. 😀 I think I’ll be posting a currently every friday, as kind of a weekly wrap-up?


This week I’m loving my kitten and all of the amazing books I have ordered or received 😀 I’ve been getting lots of arcs from Netgalley, I ordered like 18 books (in 2 weeks?) I think ? Preordered 8 January releases, oops.


I’m in the middle of an ARC of When Light Left Us by Leah Thomas and This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada


I have not watched anything in like 2 weeks.

Thinking about…

Thinking about revising Forever and Eternity which is my 2017 NaNo, ended at a little over 50k.


All of the amazing books coming out in 2018! In particular This Splintered Silence by Kayla, and Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston.


Wishing that I could read This Splintered Silence like now, also wishing I had my kitty.

Making me happy…

Books books books and more books. Have I mentioned books?


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