Leigh Bardugo Event!

Today I met the wonderful Leigh Bardugo! The meet and greet was located at Chevalier’s Books (126 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004), I honestly can’t believe I met her! I’ve dreamed of meeting Leigh for years and today I finally got to! ❤ She was so sweet, if you have the opportunity to meet her ever, I strongly encourage you too!

So for anyone who doesn’t know, about three days before Leigh announced her LA meet and greet, I had a dream with her in it. Mind you it was like the second or third dream in a week of author dreams. In the dream I had fallen into like white rapids and was drowning, I looked to Leigh and asked her for help and she said “sorry I have an event to go too I can’t get wet.” She preceded to walk away, I looked to Sabaa Tahir who was also in the dream and she helped me only because she was my last resort.

Here’s our conversation from tonight about the dream:

Me: “So like three days before you announced the meet and greet you were in my dream.”

Leigh: “Oh.. What was I doing?”

Me: “You left me to drown… I was drowning and I asked for help and you told me “Sorry I have an event to go to and I can’t get wet.” You then walked away. But Sabaa saved me so I didn’t drown.:

Leigh: “That’s very Kaz of me. But Sabaa wouldn’t let me walk away and let me leave you to drown”

Me: “Yeah well she did.”

Leigh: “Well I won’t let you drown.”

 Thank you for not letting me drown!

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