NaNoWriMo is over, which means we now get to have that well deserved break, that felt like it would never get here. Well it’s here! Sit down and pat yourself on the back. I hope everyone was successful in their NaNo2017 endeavors! I wrote almost 55k this month, my NaNo project was 50,087. I started a couple other projects this month too 😀

YOU wrote a book! The next time you sit down to write and start doubting yourself; with that voice in your head telling you “you’re the worst writer ever” “you can’t write a book,” sit back and remember that in November of 2017 you did in fact write a book.

take a well deserved break in December! I know I’m going to utilize December as the time to; catch up on my goodreads reading challenge, read and review books that were sent to me months ago (Sorry Jennifer and Amy!), and just read read read. I haven’t read a book in a while. NaNo has come and gone, and I’m going to continue writing. I’ll be working on a second book as well as revisions in January 🙂

Off to reading and watching netflix 🙂 See you next week with another blog post!


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