November is coming to a close!

With there being 5 days left of the month, I wanted to post something to hopefully give you guys the push you need to finish. Or if you don’t finish your novel, at least finish the chapter your working on, or finish a big scene or event. Finish something in the next 5 days, it doesn’t matter how small or how huge it is. All that matters is you finished something.

I know a lot of people came into NaNo, with a different goal rather than hitting 50k. some people made a goal for themselves or challenged themselves to do something they ordinarily think they can’t. Was your goal to hit a different number of words other than the big magical 50k? Was your goal for the month to sit down and write every day? No matter what your goal was, as long as you accomplished your goal thats all that matters.

Think about this, in the next 5 days you will have completed a book. You will have written a novel in a month. Granted A LOT of us will need to do lots of revising in Jan/Feb, but all that matters is that you finished a book!

Good luck! Happy writing and I hope you all finish you novels.


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