NOWG + C.B Lee

Sunday November 19 was the Night of Writing Glamorously in Santa Monica at Bareburger. A group of about 20 or so writers, got together for a night of writing together. All of us, had one goal in mind, to write write write.

About halfway through the night author C.B Lee talked to us and gave some of us that pep talk we needed to continue towards the finish line. She talked about publishing after NaNo, and life after NaNo.

It’s day 21, and I declared my win today 🙂 Even though I’ve been done since the 15, I’ve still been writing everyday. I’ve been working on a couple projects, nothing too big, since I did soar through the 50k for my NaNo novel. I’m hoping to make both of these projects into novels at some point, but right now I’m just messing around with them.

I hope everyone’s having fun working on their novel, and is getting close to the 40 or 50k mark! Happy writing!


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