NaNo Day 12 + Scrivener

Hello my fellow novelists! I hope everyone’s day 12 is going good! I hope everyone reached today’s goal which was 20k! If you’re not on par, don’t worry you still have time. You still have lots of time to finish! Even if you don’t finish and hit 50k, it’s not completely about the number, its mainly about committing to writing everyday. No matter if its 100 words or 10k a day, whatever you write counts. Every word is another word towards the world hearing your story and the world needs your story.

As far as my word count, I’m at about 41.5k with today being one of my least productive days. I came in with 1752 words today, not my worst but definitely not my best.

*ALSO* I got scrivener today! I feel like this was like the official first step into being able to call myself an author. I’ve only messed with it a little bit, but I ABSOLUTELY love it. I definitely recommend it for anyone who writes a lot, and needs organization. Download the trial and give it a shot!

See you tomorrow with another writing update! Happy writing! Remember the world needs your story!


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