NaNo Day 8 and 9

I was so tired yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post an update, sorry guys! My novel is coming along slowly but surely now, I wrote 2337 words yesterday ending with a total of 32,559.

There’s not really a lot for me to update on other than my w.c. is coming along and that I am really enjoying writing this book. I know that there is going to be A LOT of revising in January and February. A lot of people, I’ve seen are struggling with that inner voice telling you “this is crap” or “your the worst writer ever”, first let me tell you that everyone at some point thinks they’re the worst writer out there, but not everyone of you can be correct chances are you’re not. Second, I think everyone has that voice at some point in their life, you just have to try and ignore it.

I hope everyone’s writing is coming along good, I hope your on track or ahead. Good luck on your upcoming words. I haven’t written much today but I am hoping to end the night with 34k. 🙂

Happy writing everyone!


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