NaNo Day 4 + NaNo Survival Tips

Wow not only did I hit 10k today but I am approaching 14k as we speak. As of when I post this my total words I accomplished today was 5,971. I attended the second and third double up donation day write-ins today + we had a write in that started at 7 on that is actually still going!

During one of the double up write-ins I saw a lot of people asking “How do you get so many words done?” The biggest thing I can say about this is don’t edit! I know it’s hard, I know that when you’re typing, that voice in your head says “you need to edit, this makes no sense. Or this is complete S*** edit it.” Do your best not to listen to that voice, try to turn off your inner editor. If  you’re constantly editing you will not hit 50k by November 30.

Another big key thing to getting words done; participate in write-ins as often as possible! Or if you can’t participate when they go live, go re-watch them later so you can still benefit from the sprints and prompts ect. If you don’t want to follow along with the NaNo streams, then grab your phone and set a timer for a set time and just sprint for the time. Sprints are one of the best ways to get out a bunch of words.

Or if you want something longterm, then go to the NaNo forums and go to the “word wars, sprints, and crawls” topic and find a crawl you like and do it. They have Harry Potter themed crawls, Dr. Who, and so many others. You just need to find what type of challenge suits you but will also get those words out, if that means doing a series of sprints all day every day then do it. Whatever needs to be done to get to the finish line.

When I’m doing sprints here’s two things I do; I have my stitch stuffed animal whom is named after NaNo Mascot Blobby, holding my phone which is my timer. Second thing I do is turn the brightness all the way down on my laptop so I can’t see any of what I’m typing, it’s the same concept of changing your text color to white. This way of doing it works better for me than changing the text color to white. 🙂 Do whatever works for you!

If you want to attend a virtual write-in during the second week of nano here’s whats coming up 🙂

11/5/17 @10 AM pst on @nanowrimo’s youtube
11/5/17 @4:30 PM pst on @wordnerds youtube
11/7/17 @1 PM pst on @nanowrimo’s youtube
There a number of write-ins on this week as well
11/7/17 @7 PM pst in #calwrimos
11/9/17 @7 PM pst in #calwrimos
11/10/17 @8 PM pst in #NaNoLosAngeles
11/11/17 @7 PM pst in #calwrimos

Good luck! Happy writing!!


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