NaNo Day 3

Wow I’m super happy with what I have accomplished today! I wrote about 3.7k words, ending the night with 7540 words. I have enough words that if I wanted to, I could take tomorrow off, which I know I won’t.

Overall today was a really good day,  I hosted my first insta-live write in, no one came on. I’m still glad I did it though, hopefully someone re-watches the live and follows along. There was a write-in on in the #NaNoLosAngeles that started at 8 and goes up till 12. I participated in 4, 20 minute sprints and about half of a 15 minute sprint.

I would have done more, but my wrists and hands are starting to get sore. With tomorrow being double up day I hope to get lot’s of writing done! Maybe I’ll see you at one of the youtube write ins! They are at 9,12,3 PST on NaNoWriMo’s youtube channel, I will hopefully be at all of them.

Good luck! Happy writing and remember it’s quantity not quality! Enjoy the quest to 50k! ❤ See you tomorrow with another NaNo update


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