NaNo Day 2

As day 2 comes to an end, I am typing away to hit the 4k mark by the end of the night. I am taking a little break to write up this update. Today I introduced 2 new characters 🙂

I feel like today has been a pretty productive day, I would have gotten more done if I didn’t have a John Green event to go to. Any way back to NaNo update.

Current word count 3250, my goal is 4000 by the end of the night if not more. Today has been a really good day for me, writing wise. I have not hit any bumps in the road, for the most part when I’ve been writing I have been able to just write write write. Which is how I would prefer it to be of course.

I think my biggest goal today, was introducing the new characters. My two new characters are foster twins that my MC’s bring into their home and immediately you can see the bond that is being built by them bringing the twins into their home.

Tomorrow’s goal; continue the bond building individually and as a whole. I would like to hit at least 6k tomorrow.

I am also debating doing a insta live write in tomorrow at some point if anyone wants to be a part of it feel free to tune in on @hidingbehindthepages 🙂 If anyone wants to participate via insta live let me know so we can set that up. If I do one tomorrow it’ll consist of sprints, prompts, pretty much anything to get everyone on the right track for a successful NaNo 🙂

Good luck and happy writing See you guys tomorrow either on instagram or here for a day 3 wrap up!


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