HELLOOOOOO BOOK FRIENDS! On Friday September 22, I had the amazing opportunity to see the wonderful Marie Lu on her WarCross tour and the wonderful Tahereh Mafi was there. For those of you who don’t know who Tahereh is; she is the author of the Shatter Me series and Furthermore. For those who have read Furthermore; Whichwood comes out November 14.  If you don’t know Tahereh is writing 3 more shatter me books, which the 4th one comes out in March of 2018 (Restore Me). Okay enough about the wonderful Tahereh for now, lets talk about the women of the week? Women of the night? Any who, lets talk about Marie Lu. 

Who’s read Warcross? If you haven’t you need to read it ASAP its so good!!! As Tahereh said “I’ve been reduced to a blabbing fangirl” which is 100% true. 

What inspired Warcross?

I realized that the Iphone was released 10 years ago and like that was when we first started having smart phones, it was when technology became something that we relied on and can’t live without.  Warcross is set 10 years from now. 

It came about at the end of Legends because of the game-a-fied  Antartica, I never got to really go with it until Warcross. Black Mirror was also kind of an inspiration for Warcross.  

Misc Warcross information… 

Legend and Warcross are in the same universe. Warcross is 80 years before Legends and spirals into the Antartican society of Legends. But it is not necessary to read before Legends or vice versa. 

Emika was so fun for me to write. There’s so much of my mom in her.

I wanted to write a super sexy Asian man hence Hideo Tanaka. They don’t get the credit that deserve because they are really sexy.

What would your experience be testing the technology?

– My first time using VR goggles sparked me writing WC. It was fascinating to me that I couldn’t disconnect my brain from the VR and what was happening. 

Funny Quotes:

“You had to dial the internet… Hello is the internet home?”- Tahereh 

“Kids will know an apple as a computer first and the fruit second”- Tahereh

“Let the record show that Marie wrote it before Elon Musk did… (about Neurolink)” Tahereh

“Imagine Hideo and Warner. Hmm…Ohh the imagine the fanfiction.”

Overall it was a really fun night, it was great seeing Marie and Tahereh again. For anyone who remembers how I saw Ransom at the Tahereh event last year well I did and he told me to bring my books next time Tahereh was doing an event so I did and he signed them all! He also kind of remembered me so that was great. I will be posting my review of Warcross on Monday! So be on the lookout for that! 🙂 



































































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